February 19, 2009


Me: “Wasabi~”


Wasabi: “What!? you just call me to much nya!!!”

He is sooo cute. Every time I call him, he turns his face to me. But I think I call him too many times.

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Nice to see you everybody!

February 18, 2009


Welcome to the “Cats and Me” blog!

In this blog, I would mostly talk about my sweet cats, which I’ve been together for about 2 and half years. I adopted both of them from the Cats in Need association.

Briefly introducing myself, I am a international student from Japan studying Graphic Design in Los Angeles. I am graduating from university soon, so I will take my cats to Japan! It will be very exciting! My cats then will become “international cats.” lol

I also want to introduce my 2 cats:)

The left picture, his name is Wasabi. Everybody familiar with Wasabi, right (the green paste in Sushi restaurant)??? He is very calm, nice, and always sweet. He eats a lot but never gets overweighted! I first adopted him the adopted Uni.

The right picture, his name is Uni. Everybody knows the meaning of Uni? It means a sea urchin.  Notice? I basically named them after Sushi menu…not me, my boyfriend did. Anyway, Uni is very very shy. He never be touched by anybody except me and my boyfriend. He shows very cute faces everyday and his eyes are just gorgeous!

I also have the blog which is in all Japanese. If anyone is interested in it, it is also very interesting too. I updates the Japanese one more frequently.

「猫のいる生活・Cats in Los Angeles」←click:)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog today, and see you again soon!

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